On today’s agenda: wohnmacher in Leipzig – about fun and the mix of old and new. There’s something in it for everyone and you’ll get inspired to try something new for your home. Nadine answered some questions about her shop:

What is your store’s concept?

wohnmacher is about feeling at home and being in a good mood! Since 1998 we made it our profession to make people happy with an always changing range of products just as living accessories, presents, furniture, lamps and lifestyle products. It’s not our intention to offer custom-made completed designs, we want people to mix styles, combine old things with new ones, to rather blend in a fleemarket dresser into a modern living room than to get rid of it. We want our customers to add that special something to their homes. We ourselves love to travel and are very interested in different cultures, their architecture and way of living. All of that inspires us to always create new living experiences und collect all those favourite pieces.


Where is the shop located? Maybe in a special building, quarter or a famous street?

Our shop is in the Nikolai Street, a pedestrian street, going from the central station to the city to the famous Nikolai church. At the beginning of the 20th century the Nikolai Street was well-known for its fur trading. Behind those beautiful Jugenstil fassades fur was traded and stored. It was the same with the house “Zweireiter”, built by architect Alfons Berger in 1910, in which now is our shop. It got its name from the two billy goats above the windows.


What is the store’s history, who founded it?

My husband Franz and me opened this shop almost 18 years ago. Back then it was just the ground level. At the end of 2012 we expanded it to the first floor where we now sell a great selection of furniture and lamps. Both of us shared that liking for pretty things and furnishing. That was the first impulse that made make wohnmacher reality.


What do you like about Pickmotion?

Pickmotion is refreshing and full of joy. The motives get to everyone, every person finds themself in one card or another. You can tell that there was no hired photographer with the idea of a postcard series in mind but that there are a lot of very different people involved. Every picture is unique and captures special unforgettable moments. My all-time favourite is “Life is Konfetti” because it inherences such a vitality and lust for life.